Rural Lanka

Sri Lanka is a lot more than monuments to the past, cocktails on the beach, and evening cultural shows. It’s a living, breathing country with a wide variety of traditions, environments, and perspectives. For the majority of Sri Lankans, life is centered on the land, on tradition, on faith, and on family. Rural Lanka seeks to emphasize this part of Sri Lanka, by exploring what makes each region unique. We are starting out in Batticaloa District, a seldom-visited area with unique cultural traditions and environmental niches.

If you define “fun” as hopping on the back of a motorcycle, taking dirt roads through rice paddies on your way to a hermit’s cave in the jungle, then Rural Lanka is definitely for you.

Rural Lanka operates under the assumption that their guests are not interested in experiencing a Disneyland version of Sri Lanka, but want to understand the real Sri Lanka, blemishes and all, particularly the more traditional, rural, less developed reality that the majority of Sri Lankans live every day.

If you want to see a very different Sri Lanka and gain a perspective that most visitors will never experience, consider booking with Rural Lanka.