Coming to Batticaloa

There are various options for getting to Batti, with wide variation in cost, time, and comfort, largely dictated by your point of origin. Unless you’re already on the East Coast, Colombo provides the most options, but we are reachable from anywhere on the Island – with a little patience. We will happily provide advice about coming to and getting from.

Getting Around

Our excursions are done on motorcycles. There are several reasons for this: some places we go are accessible by motorcycle only, it keeps costs down, and also for the sheer adventure of it! We have helmets for you, of course. You’ll have the option of riding with one of us, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, riding your own (experienced riders only, please). Many, but not all, of our trips, can also be taken by tuk-tuk (three passengers per tuk-tuk). We have several local drivers who can be hired at low cost for the day and will be paid directly by you. There are no external charges for the motorcycles.


Rural Lanka has a small house in the rural beach side hamlet of Navallady that you can rent. The property is on the shore of Batticaloa lagoon, and is a short stroll to the beach. A two-story house built during tsunami recovery efforts, is equipped with two bedrooms each with its double (queen) sized bed, a kitchen and utensils, main living area, toilet facilities, shower (unheated) and fans. It’s perfect for a group of four, but note that it is a simple house with basic furnishings. The house is not air-conditioned but is well built for ventilation from both sea and lagoon winds to pass through and the fans keep the place cool and breezy.

Should you require air conditioning, or for any other reason, we will be happy to discuss local hotel/guest house options, which range from the basic to near-luxury. We will endeavor to get you the best rates, and you will pay the hotel/guest house directly.


Our kitchen has basic cooking equipment and you are welcome to cook your own food. We can also arrange for cooking to be done locally; prices will vary according to what is to be made and will be negotiated at the time. Batticaloa has many eating options and we will be happy to advise you on what’s available and delicious.